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Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC)
California Fishing
California Fishing

Do Not Consume Fish - Pier Sign Locations Map

Fishing in Southern California is a great way to get out and enjoy many of the qualities that make Southern California so special. From the weather to the beaches to the many varieties of fish available, Southern California fishing is some of the best fishing in the world... if you know what you are doing.

One of our focuses here at the Fish Contamination Education Collaborative is to provide the best fishing and fishing community guides available online. These guides go through everything from Long Beach pier fishing to sport fishing to rigging up the right way for the right catch, which is not to mention our commitment to making sure that Southern California fishermen are making healthy fish choices.

While we try to provide the best information around, we are also always improving. So if there’s an asset or guide which we are not providing that you would like to see up on our site, please Contact FCEC and we will get right on it. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the family!