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Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC)
Education Materials Library

All of our materials are available for download as .pdf files. You will need a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to see these files.

Introductory Materials Brochure
             Informational Brochure English (3,020Kb)
             Informational Brochure Vietnamese (3,047Kb)
             Informational Brochure Spanish (3,031Kb)
              Informational Brochure Chinese (3,186Kb)


Enforcement Brochure
              Enforcement Brochure English (3,020Kb)
              Enforcement Brochure Vietnamese (3,047Kb)
              Enforcement Brochure Spanish (3,031Kb)
              Enforcement Brochure Chinese (3,186Kb)
              Informational Brochure Korean (2,728Kb)
Comic Book
Healthy Fish, Healthy Families Brochure
           English Version (547Kb)
           Spanish Version (554Kb)
           Korean Version (585Kb)
           Chinese Version (963Kb)
           Vietnamese Version (915Kb)
Mercury in Fish
           Mercury Fact Sheet (English) (83Kb)
           Mercury Fact Sheet (Spanish) (61Kb)
           Mercury Fact Sheet (Chinese) (179Kb)
           Mercury Fact Sheet (Vietnames) (260Kb)
           OEHHA Mercury in Fish (672Kb)
           LA County Health Department: Mercury in Fish Brochure (Spanish Version (397Kb)
WIC Safety Tips About Fish
           English (1.04Mb)
           Chinese (1.04Mb)
           Vietnamese (1.20Mb)
           Khmer (1.73Mb)
           Russian (1.63Mb)
           Spanish (814Kb)
           Korean (1.75Mb)
           Tagalog (481Kb)
           Hmong (489Kb)
           Mien (490Kb)
Market Outreach Posters
           English Poster (341Kb)
           Spanish Poster (360Kb)
           Vietnamese Poster (262Kb)
           Chinese Poster (273Kb)
Catch Ban Materials
           English Catch Ban (3,86Mb)
           Spanish Catch Ban (3,95Mb)
Market Outreach Flyers
           English Flyer (90Kb)
           Tagalog Flyer (154Kb)
           Illocano Flyer (113Kb)
           Khmer Flyer (490Kb)
Official EPA Reports
           EPA Interim Record of Decision (3.9MB)
           Remedial Investigation Report 2008 English (3.9MB)
           Remedial Investigation Report 2008 Chinese (4.7MB)
           Remedial Investigation Report 2008 Spanish (2.8MB)
Media Outreach Fact Sheets
           Campaign Backgrounder Fact Sheet (80Kb)
           General/Consumer Fact Sheet (118Kb)
           Market Owner Fact Sheet (121Kb)
           Angler Fact Sheet (155Kb)
Identifying Fish
           White Croaker Identification Key (4.23Mb)
           Photos of White Croaker vs. Yellow Croaker (1.89Mb)
           Identifying a White Croaker (14.5Kb)
           MSRP Fish Identification Card (1.12Mb)
Additional Educational Materials
           Safer Fish Preparation Guide (841Kb)
           Map of Fish Contamination Zone (113Kb)