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Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC)
What We Do
The Family and Community Outreach

The Family and Community Outreach program builds local capacity to reduce exposure to contaminants in fish caught off the Los Angeles and Orange County Coasts. FCEC conducts family and community outreach in a variety of ways, including giving presentations at schools, English as a Second Language classes, and health fairs. Outreach is conducted not only by FCEC but by county public health agencies as well. Boat People SOS, St. Anselm’s Cross Cultural Center and the Community Resource Council (CRC) are, however, the primary organizations responsible for implementing the Community Outreach Program.

Both St. Anselm’s and BPSOS reach out to the Vietnamese community and educate community members on the health risks of consuming contaminated fish, as well as on portioning and preparation suggestions to reduce the amounts of contaminants ingested. The CRC acts a bridge between FCEC and at-risk communities. The Council serves in a consultative capacity by providing recommendations and insight as to how to increase the reach program.